Trip to Italy

Trip: Little over two months ago couple of my colleagues graciously invited me to come along with them to Italy for a short fun trip. And boy am I glad they did. We embarked on our journey in the midnight from the hellish weather that we had here over the past couple weeks. The drive itself was fine (well it sucked driving for ten hours – but blame is assigned to me and to me alone for not letting anyone behind the wheel of a car I felt responsible for), roads were mostly clear. But it was starting to be apparent that we went to Italy for rain – yep not the typical mediterranean trip :). We arrived and sat in the car looking outside at the rainy weather we just drove ten hours for :).

Lake Garda: Day 1: We grabbed couple bikes and just rode along the eastern edge of Lake Garda. Nothing fancy, some swimming and relaxing after the long drive. Day 2: The whole day was dedicated to Gardaland (amusement park). It was fine and as far as Europe is concerned one worth visiting – I guess. Day 3: Nice Ferrata on a hillside overlooking Arco (where we stayed in a nice cosy room for those couple days by Lake Garda) and yet again some swimming in the afternoon. Day 4: Another nice little Ferrata climbing up to a castle and a short trip to very nice Alp lake. Day 5: Trip to Verano on our way back to the motherland :). At the end we decided not to push ourselves and have a relaxed holiday with a lot of laying around on the “beaches” of various lakes. Which coincidentally might have been exactly what we needed.

Food:┬áThis could have easily been described as a gourmet trip :). We dined in restaurants twice every day. Not the typical on the budget holiday experience, but going with the relaxed theme it fit right in. The food was great. Pizza and pasta were almost mandatory while in Italy. However the thing that blew most of our minds was the Italian risotto. I believe it was simply because our risotto is way different (while pizza and spaghetti are already done the Italian way). Safron risotto and one other risotto I can’t remember were the absolute highlights of the cuisine we experienced (Mind you the desserts weren’t anything to scoff at either – although the famed Italian coffee sucked :)).