Criminal vs. Civil Law

Short “poem” (Was rejected for being too creative of a way to complete given exercise in Legal English.)

There once was a man from downtown Bristol,
who took to the street with knife and a pistol.
And on his way to meet his friend Dave,
who just recently some money him gave,
he decided not to uphold his part of the deal,
stopped by Ledbury, had himself nice little meal.

He left the table, picking his teeth with that knife,
headed to meet Dave torn by his eternal strife.
Upon their meeting, empty envelope using as lure,
He knifed Dave and shot him just to make sure.
Now Dave had luck and being strong as a ferret,
saved by a stranger he actually lived and made it.

Should you even care how did those two meet,
should that interest you enough to read?
Well there are two sides to this horrific vigil,
of those one is criminal and the other is civil.
In one of them the penalty is stiffer,
briefly I’ll tell you how these two differ.

Criminal is where body of people called a jury,
decides and exercises the nations fury.
In this one prosecutor who represents crown,
makes the charged person look like a clown.
and after its proven beyond all reason and doubt,
a sentence of imprisonment is end to this bout.

On the other hand, civil part is a different story,
here claimant asks defendant whether he’s sorry.
Being private dispute which does not concern nation,
if liable will force defendant to pay compensation.
How do you know whose rights were breached you ponder,
well in this case, probability just over 50 will do the wonder.

I hereby hope this little story which could use editor,
Will suffice to receive in English my credit / or?